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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Fall is upon us….or is it? One minute I’m getting ready to call the pool people in to close it up for the season, and the next I’m holding off because the temps are supposed to go back up to the mid 20”s, and I’m hoping to squeeze another swim out. Being in the pool with the kids on Thanksgiving was a highlight of our weekend. The next morning, the roofs and windows on our street were covered in frost.

Likewise, the Fall real estate market is going to go through some ups and downs. Prices are continuing to show strength, but the Federal Governments introduction of yet another set of mortgage rule changes has everyone wondering what the impact will be. As has happened with every major rule change (this is the 5th in my decade or so in Real Estate), most media outlets predict the end of times, only to find out a month or two later that the market shrugged off the changes and continued to grow.

In this edition of SmartMoves, we’ll share the Globe and Mail’s excellent breakdown of the key changes, and what they mean. We’ll also share the article I did with the Toronto Star, looking at what the impact may be on the market in general. In the meantime, enjoy the changing leaves, the political discourse from our friends in the U.S and get ready to change the clocks backwards an hour. This Fall is going to be an interesting one on lots of levels!

Fall 2016 Newsletter

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