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Fall 2017 Newsletter

We’ve just been through the very last part of summer weather in October, I think, and I’m realizing that the visual and the temperature parts of Fall in Toronto are at odds with each other. Leaves have done the change of colour that is our signal that the seasons have changed while we’re out on patios having cocktails in mid-October. This is also the time of year, regardless of the daytime highs and lows, that the real estate market picks up steam, at least from a buyer activity level. The unknown for us is always whether the Fall will bring a little or a lot of listing inventory, and what the pricing trend will look like. It should be no surprise that year over year Toronto is still ahead of where prices were 12 months ago. Where was the oft-predicted market correction/crash/disaster (depending on which news outlet you follow)? Didn’t happen. The price spike that occurred in Feb and March receded, as we all knew it would, and the market returned to its single-digit gains. Still, that didn’t stop government tinkering in all things real estate, now leaving the market with a slew of new issues to cope with as we head towards 2018. 
In this edition of SmartMoves, we’ll look at the new mortgage qualification rules just introduced and see what might happen as a consequence. We’ll also take a look at Urea Formaldehyde and whether or not it remains an issue for home buyers. We’ll also help you use the last weeks of Fall to get your home ready for what is looking like a snowy, wet winter.  As always, we’re here to answer questions you have about the market and how you can position yourself to get the most out of your home and your home’s value.



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