As two of the few Accredited Senior Agents (ASAs) in the Toronto Real Estate Board, working with families and estates is one of our unique strengths. We offer a range of specialized Senior Real Estate services. Currently, 93% of Canadians 65 years and older live in private households and are living longer than ever before. Many of our Seniors do not have retirement savings or pensions capable of carrying them through those golden years and often are forced to sell or refinance their homes to bridge the gap. In fact, we see more families struggling with supporting parents every day.

Often, a consultation with an Accredited Senior Agent can help families develop a plan that reduces the financial burden. Occasionally situations arise that make the selling of a Senior’s home a necessity, and that is when the special training and sensitivity of an Accredited Senior Agent will make all the difference.

ASAs learn about tax law, estate law, capital gains problems, wills and trusts. If there is an Estate (or a parent must move into a care facility), getting the house ready for sale can be an unwanted burden on the family. Very often, family members do not reside in the same community as their parent(s) anymore. In these cases, our Seniors Real Estate services can make all the difference.

An ASA can also help when family treasures must be identified, packed and shipped: charities must be contacted to take away household items, someone has to clear out the remaining articles, goods such as art, jewellery, antiques, etc. may have value that require the services of appraisers.  Finally, an experienced Seniors Real Estate agent will ensure that the house is properly “staged” to achieve the highest possible selling price. We merge consultation, planning, finance and home sale skills to provide families with a clear and concise pathway to success. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have about Seniors and Estate issues you may be facing. We can build a plan together.

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