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Summer 2015 Newsletter

As of sitting down to write this edition of our newsletter for you, Mother Nature has robbed me of the ability to use the “the market is as hot as the weather” cliché, because, honestly, it’s been a pretty nice summer so far. Breezy, cool nights and not too too hot sunny days have been par for the course. The real estate market, however, HAS been hot, and prices are continuing to climb. There are a few neighbourhoods that have retreated a bit in terms of overall activity, but even in those the prices are continuing to move upwards. Of course the logical next question is “what will the Fall market look like?” and as if on cue, the Bank of Canada has come in with a cut to the overnight interest rates that Banks use to set variable rate mortgages by. I think it’s safe to say that this will spur on a new round of buyers hitting the market over the Summer and into the Fall to take advantage of an increased buying budget, as pre-approvals are typically honored for 60-90 days. That means that Sellers should see increased activity and higher sale prices before Winter sets in, and rates change. As always, we’re here to guide you through any questions you may have.

In this edition of Smartmoves we’ll look at market performance over the end of the Spring and beginning of the Summer. We’ll check in on some major changes happening in the way the real estate business is conducted. We’ll also have a look at KITEC plumbing, and the impact of having it in your home or condo.

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