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KB Team Winter Newsletter

Happy 2015! I’m sure you were just as pleased as we were that this winter has (fingers crossed) not seen us shoveling out of record snow dumps, or trying to clear tree limbs covered in ice and tearing down power lines. In fact, as winters go, this one has been relatively winter-free. Not unlike the […]

Why Waiting to Sell Your Home Can Be A Mistake

There is a common misconception that the best time for anyone to sell their home in Toronto is in the spring.  We’ve put together the following information, to show you how you can maximize your sale price by acting sooner, rather than later. Reason #1:  Less competition.  The winter months are traditionally slower times for […]

Is Buying a Pre Construction Condo a Good Investment?

We are often approached by clients who purchased a pre-construction condo unit in previous years, are nearing building completion date and are now anxious to sell their unit(s). But buying from plans doesn’t automatically equal a windwall 3-5 years down the road. The Globe and Mail had a great article about the risks of buying […]

Get out there and buy a house! NOW is a great time…

One of our trusted mortgage brokers, Peter Majthenyi of Mortgage Architects, sent us a little update on his views on interest rate trends and the outlook for next year. It’s a great current reminder for those who are still sitting on the fence waiting for a real estate market correction….stop! And get out there and […]

It’s a Skate Party… You’re Invited!

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