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Fall 2015 Newsletter

What should we expect for this Fall market other than more listings and more transactions than was the case at the tail end of the summer? Well, a Federal Election, for one. That’s likely to mean a never ending parade of candidates and their supporters to your doors as election day approaches. It is also likely that the Stock Market and the Bank of Canada will collectively hold their breath to see the results before changing the status quo in any measurable way.
Beyond the business side of Fall, there is also the promise of pool closings, apple picking, leaves turning and Thanksgiving. That also means that we think of those without as much to be thankful for, and trying to help. In this edition of SmartMoves we’ll look at the real estate market and where we think it may be going. We’ll also look at condo sales, and what they mean for a growing number of first time buyers. Thinking about Air BnB as a way to earn some extra income? We’ll share Mark Weisleder’s thoughts. We also break down the numbers when it comes to fears that foreign ownership is creating a real estate bubble across Canada. Enjoy the sun and heat while you can!


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